56th National Conference of ABVP at Bangalore; ABVP to fight corruption at all levels

56th National Convention Resolve ABVP to fight corruption at all levels

January 4, 2011 at 7:14pm

Report  in Organiser by Rajesh Padmar, VSK, Bengaluru

“Let us resolve, not to rest until we succeed in defeating the anti-national forces through activism and be prepared for any sacrifice to re-establish India as a super power.”

RSS Sahsarkaryavah Shri Duttatreya Hosabale

“THE pseudo secular forces are bent upon destroying the national identity and abusing the soul of India by creating the bogey of saffron terrorism and implicating nationalist forces including the RSS that has been involved in the service of the nation since decades. It is a political conspiracy to denigrate and suppress expression of national identity and weaken nationalist forces. They are trying to invoke the views of associates of Hitler by trying to convert a lie into truth by repeating it a hundred times. Any number of attempts will not help them succeed in their evil designs. It is therefore necessary to carry forward the fight against such forces in a multidimensional way viz. field, judiciary, executive, politics, media and so on. The common man need to be educated and trained to fight against such obnoxious anti-national campaigns. So, let us resolve, not to rest until, we succeed in defeating the anti-national forces through activism and be prepared for any sacrifice to re-establish India as a super power,” said RSS Sahsarkaryavah Shri Duttatreya Hosabale. He was addressing a gathering of students assembled at the 56th national convention of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) in Bengaluru on December 26. Students from each and every district of the country and also some foreign students studying in India, including from Iran and Bangladesh, were present at the convention.

Shri Hosabole said the ABVP is a student movement that considers student power as nation’s power. About the Kashmir, he said the central government is considering the proposals of self-rule and autonomy put forward by a handful of separatists, media and intellectuals without taking into confidence other sections of the society like Sikhs, Buddhists etc belonging to Jammu & Kashmir and the displaced Kashmiri Pandits. This is clearly playing into vote bank politics and minority appeasement. Demonstrations of protest against people like Arundhati Roy and Geelani are the expression of patriotism because they have been making irresponsible anti-national statements in different fora.

Earlier, inaugurating the Convention on December 25, justice (retd) Shri Rama Jois highlighted three aspects-education, national security and corruption. He called for measures to change the system of education that can bring out men of character in society because it is apparent that most of the corrupts in the nation are so-called well-educated people. He described India as a duty-based society than right-based. He called for measures to include this Indian philosophy in the Constitution. He called upon the youth to reject wealth that is contrary to dharma or righteousness and lauded the ABVP’s efforts in national reconstruction. He also called upon the youth and the ABVP to declare a war on corruption and work towards including the word Bharatiya instead of India in the political, executive and Judicial domains of India because it conveys the emotional and cultural meaning thus binding the people in one thread.

Chief guest at the inaugural function Dr Prabhudeva, Vice Chancellor of Bangalore University, described ABVP as the premier nationalist organisation of the world. He said there is rapid growth in higher education in India but none of the Indian Universities appear in the first 100 best universities of the world. “Only 9 per cent Indian colleges have been graded as ‘A’ by the accreditation bodies. This is because there has been serious compromise in quality education by the universities giving way for commercialisation of higher education. Our university training does not fulfill skill requirements and employability of our graduates. This is generally done by the corporate honchos. There is a need for the entry of industry into education minus profiteering and commercialisation. He called upon the ABVP to initiate a strong student movement that can help India catapult into a country that matches international standards of education.

Speaking on the topic “Bharat Tomorrow”, Shri Sunil Ambekar, national organising secretary of ABVP, said the dream of future India should consider two points-what determines the identity of India and how can India’s vibrant culture contribute to the modern India. “We should bring in awareness about climate, health, education and service among students. There are totally 32 lakh industries in India, we should aim at making them 150 lakhs. India has 3 lakh engineers and we should seriously think about utilising them in development of the nation. The dream of national construction is possible only by the youth of the nation through the ABVP,” he said.

ABVP president Prof. Milind Marathe declared a war against corruption. He said the ABVP is of the clear opinion that the ongoing sequence of events at the national stage is an ample proof to the fact that the 2G scam does not merely involve some bureaucrats or ministers rather the Prime Minister and his office are equally guilty. This is evident from the sequence of events starting from Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy’s letter to Prime Minister’s Office, holding the file by PMO for two years deliberately, without replying and the PMO falling in line after serious comments from the Supreme Court questioning its silence on the letter consequential to the filing of the affidavit. These events implicate the Prime Minister directly. He said the Central Government should shed its adamancy of shamelessness and accept the demand of the opposition for a Joint Parliamentary Committee probe into the scam and contribute in bringing out the truth.

“The Nira Radia tapes not only expose the corruption but also brings out what looks like a key role played by the industry, bureaucracy, journalists and brokers like Nira Radia in deciding, who will become a minister, allocation of portfolios to the ministers and their fate. ABVP urges to bring to book and charge with sedition the journalists and all those who are corrupt and involved in scams including bureaucrats, leaders, politicians. ‘Mr Clean’ image of Dr Manmohan Singh looks tainted in the background of these developments; comments by the Supreme Court that the 2G spectrum scam puts to shame all other previous scams, the magnitude of the scams and silence of the central Government on these issues,” he said.

Receiving Prof. Yeshwantrao Kelkar Yuva Puraskar Shri Anand Kumar said he dreams to create educational institutions where we can train students from the level of standard 4 or 5 who are contributing to the family that is pressed under the strains of poverty and create many Nobel Prize winners from India.

Oscar award winner Shri Resul Pookutty, Indian film sound designer and mixer, who was chief guest at the award presenting ceremony, said Anand Kumar’s life proves that in India there are still gems. He stressed the need to spread the message among people especially among students that “If he can do it I can too” and If I can do it I can too” so that we can build our nation that can be palpable and worth living. If Anand Kumar can do it you can do it too, he said.


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